Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot


*The maximum DL & UL data rate are theoretical values. The actual performance will be affected by physical environment and the network coverage of service operators.

SimplifiSim Neos

Neos revived a proven way to stay connected

Work with Micro SIM card only

Freedom in the simplest format

Old become new, with a bonus.

Technology product cycle is getting shorter, but once in a while you will find a masterpiece that keeps coming back.

Simplifisim Neos is the revival of a most coveted WiFi hotspot of all times.

It is easy to use, compatible with almost all SIM cards and a must have mobile WiFi option. This mature product has an additional benefit, you can get it at a lower price than it was first launched as the initial R&D expenses have been absorbed and economies of scale has occurred.


Your SIM card


Neos WiFi

High Speed 4G LTE connection

Maximum Download Speed 150 Mbps Upload Speed 50 Mbps.

*The maximum DL and UL speed are theoretical values. The actual performance will be affected by environment and network.

Qualcomm chip inside

High quality mature technology from renowned manufacturer.

16 devices 12 hours duration

Maximum connected to 16 Smart WiFi devices and 12 hours battery life.

USB tethering

USB connect to desktop or laptop computer to provide WiFi.

Light and portable

Size just larger than a name card and light weight (86g).