Fast, wireless, ready-to-go WiFi connectivity for your business, anywhere, anytime.

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Instant business-grade WiFi connectivity for your staff, customers and visitors.

  • Struggling to get a good fixed broadband service in your area?
  • Looking for a portable WiFi solution to use wherever your business takes you?
  • Need more resilience for remote locations and contingency?

Mobile Broadband for your Business.

SIMPLIFISIM Mobile Broadband can work as a primary or failover connection for your business. These cost-effective solutions are suitable for businesses of all sizes, including remote sites.


Your SIM card



FirstG WiFi

The perfect companion to SIM cards for immediate 4G LTE internet connection.

Unlocked 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

Enjoy more flexibility for connected devices and save even more. Unlocked FirstG accepts SIM cards from all major carriers.

14 Hrs & 8 devices

14hrs battery life and connect up to 8 smart devices at the same time. Enjoy WiFi network for work, entertainment and communication for a whole day, or even two.

Manage the SIM & Hotspot through Web Portal

Allowing you to feel great for more reasons.

  • Automatic large data consumption disabling
  • Connected Devices Control
  • Self-identified SSID name & Password


*The maximum DL & UL data rate are theoretical values. The actual performance will be affected by physical environment and the network coverage of service operators.

SIMPLIFISIM Mobile Broadband is the answer

Simply unbox, plug in, and you’ll be ready to connect multiple devices in minutes.


Plug in


Why SIMPLIFISIM Mobile Broadband?

Give your business-critical applications the fast and highly reliable connection you need to keep your business moving.


Fast data speeds

Large data bundles

Multiple networks

Works in remote locations

Contingency backup

Local customer support

Expert connectivity consultants

Flexible contract lengths

Industries already using SIMPLIFISIM Mobile Broadband

Get the right fit for your business needs. With quick deployment for new and remote locations, SIMPLIFISIM mobile broadband can get your business connected.

Emergency Services


Business Backup

Pop Up Shops

Event Comms

Adventure Base Camps

Do not have a spare SIM card?

No worries. We got SIM-free hotspot from our classic product line and offers no-contract, flexible data plans for your choice.